Welcome, Readers and Writers!

Today marks the launch of Precipice-Collective.  We will be using our blog space to post writing exercises, flash book reviews, and noteworthy, pause-worthy, re-blog worthy pedagogy/practice findings. 

We hope that our blog space encourages participation - an exchange, dialogue rather than block, diatribe.  Consider posting/submitting samples generated from the writing exercises, process notes, feedback, and concerns/gripes.  Your input will help our collective grow, evolve, and develop.  

Also, please consider submitting the writing generated from posted exercises to Precipice-Collective for inclusion in our anthology - Precipice: Writing at the Edge.  In addition to critical essays and creative works, the anthology will include writing prompts, and hopefully, with your contributions, writing samples from our online community.


Jess, Jenna, Jade, and Kristen

Precipice-Collective (formerly, Inukshuk Collective)