Read on, Write on: Naropa University Summer Writing Program

Good Evening fellow outriders!

Precipice Collective has long been inspired by the JKS-SWP experience and would like to celebrate the writing, conversation, and activism that happens in this shared space. Gift Economy (an SWP 2011 coin — for the archives) is central to our publishing model. Put to practice, we would like to connect authors with writers—to meet at the face of the page—to meet each other half way…the edge. So, we are offering the JKS Disembodied Discount to SWP attendees (past and present): 50% OFF Precipice—Writing at the Edge. This anthology contains work from CA Conrad, Ronaldo V. Wilson, Jen Hofer, Laura Mullen, Petra Kuppers (20+ writers) that have shared the archives and call of Naropa.

Precipice—Writing at the Edge is an ecosomatic reader and interactive workbook including 25 readings and 25 somatic writing labs to encourage conversation at/with/of/through/on the edge. It holds contemplative space for examining atrocity—archival violence (the gap in edges), charnel ground (the fertile in destruction), ecological grief (the debt and loss in systems)—and in creating this shared site (“sites of atrocity” as defined by Kirsten Kaschock) the edge of against can be discussed, lived, shared, witnessed.

Membranes rely on gradients for change. Join us, here, in a space of action potential [shift, reach, rupture, absorb, engulf, splice, expose, suture] and manifest the charge in against.

JKS Disembodied Discount: 50% OFF Precipice: Writing at the Edge


Read on, write on, share with us:

SWP 2019.jpg

#1: ring around the...

the mouth lines; the lines mouth

#1.1 Generative: Kiss Off...

Fill a glass or cup with beverage of choice.  Cover lips with lipstick, balm, stain, or fruit.  Place a sheet of paper and a pen on the table.  Inhale an intention or question.  Exhale clear the space.

Drink from the glass. Leave a mark. Free-write a line with each sip - automatic - whatever comes to/through/of/from the lips and presses/ spills /pours /curls /wraps /drops /spits forth.  Continue to drink and fill and sip and write until the lip smeared lines disappear.  Until you erase the ring around, write.  This may take minutes, hours, days, beverages, pages, pens - perhaps, there will be germs [maybe, germination].  The writing is not clean. The mouth lines; the lines mouth. 

Read through the text.  Keep the lines that stick; kiss off the rest

Feeling generous?!? If you are in the sharing mood, please, submit the writing generated from this exercise to Precipice-Collective for inclusion in our anthology - Precipice: Writing at the Edge.  In addition to critical essays and creative works, the anthology will include writing prompts, and hopefully, with your contributions, writing samples from our online community.